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Android Online Training-KeenTechnologies

Keen Technologies is a Global  Premier Online IT Training Company.Which Providing Android Online Training To The IT Professional

Android Training-KeenTechnologies

      Introducing the Android Platform 
  • Defining device characteristics
  • Exploring the Android Market
  • Establishing the development environment
  • ADT plug-in
  • Java
  • SDK
  • Emulator
  • Analyzing components of the architecture 
  • Leveraging Application FundamentalsBuilding mobile applications 
  • Exposing the lifecycle events
  • Creating activities to process user input
  • Implementing views to build the User Interface (UI)
  • Packaging applications for deployment
  • Developing unit tests
  • Supporting asynchronous behavior 
  • Performing background tasks with services
  • Communicating with Intents
  • Creating User Interface Selecting visual components 
  • Assessing available widgets
  • Building the layout
  • Connecting a view to an activity
  • Positioning form elements
  • Working with resource declarations 
  • Declaring component definitions and layouts
  • Internationalizing applications
  • Handling multiple screen resolutions
  • Exploiting dynamic resource generation
  • Processing User InputCommunicating with the user 
  • Creating and displaying Toast
  • Generating status bar notifications
  • Collecting confirmation with dialogs
  • Interacting with the UI 
  • Responding to user input events
  • Launching activities with intents
  • Writing Java event handlers
  • Generating context and option menus

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